Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Busy day !

    Hi! And good morning, I just woke up. Totally tired and exhausted, so far yesterday was busy and bad day at work. Lately something is wrong with my work, and I'm thinking to look for new job. When I came home, I went straight to sleep but couldn't fall asleep, then I started to play this annoying bubble mobile game and I stuck in one level for almost 2 hours. Then there was hard reset, don't remember, but I know that outside was really nice weather, plus 18 - 19 °C, and it was sooooooo hot inside, just boiling. Stuck with ideas for blog as well, no University for me this year or ever, and lots of different things on my mind. That's it, I said it! :D Now I'm gone, half dead going to do night shift, yeeey! So positive! I will try to be! :)

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