Monday, 11 March 2013

Dubai ?

Yesterday I found few documentaries on youtube about Dubai. Before I watched these documentaries, I were thinking that Dubai is about only sky scrapers, millionaires and insane laws. But now I know something more! First of all, I saw how modern time slavery actually works. Some people from poor countries sell their homes to get to this promised land, called Dubai. But is it really promised land? For multi millionaires - yes, because this country will make poor people more poorer then before and rich people more richer. It was sad to see, that those people who were responsible for economical crisis in Europe and USA, actually are those people who are selling multi million and billion worth contracts in Dubai. Property vaule in Dubai has risen in past few years. From £400,000 to £4,000,000! Still workers are working in +50ºC for €120 per months (if they are lucky, I saw some men who were working five months without getting paid and they don't have choice), there are no human rights.
Womens are treated like dirt in Dubai, they been raped and beaten and at the end they return to their country without nothing. Last year 200 british citizens has been jailed in Dubai. I were thinking to go to holiday to Dubai, but now clearly I can say that I will stay where I am even if they would pay me £1,000,000 I wouldn't go.

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