Monday, 18 March 2013

Lil' Wayne in hospital !

    Last week I heard new about this world famous hip-hop artist Lil' Wayne. He is in coma because of codeine. Well I'm not big Lil' Wayne fan, but I started to dig up some information about this mysterious codeine. And look what did I found. Codeine, known as well as 3-methylmorphine (C18H21NO3) is an opiate.
    Codeine in your body transforms into Morphine and by regular intake most likely user will develop addiction. Many rappers in America now days talks about this drug, and you can even find youtube video, about how to mix codeine with your favorite soda drink. Codeine is deadly, and with time users develop side effects (itching, headache, dry mouth and Cough).
    I don't wish this to nobody, and hopefully Little Wayne will wake up from coma. Sometimes I don't get it, why people are so careless, and I bet many of them even doesn't know what codeine is. Share your views about this drug.

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