Thursday, 28 February 2013

Blog Inc.

    Blog Inc. is a book about everything what you really need to know if you wish to have successful blog. We bought it last weekend and I hope to find some good information in there, because lately lot's of people are talking about this book and how good reviews about it, we will see that.
    This book costs £10,99 and it's quite expensive for soft cover book, but this book is well designed and it's really easy to read. I'm not looking for ways how to get paid or how to earn money from my blog, but if you are into that, you will be able to find good information about monetizing on your blog and stuff like that.
I wish to create community around my blog with information which could help anyone who is looking for any kind of answers. I hope this book will improve my blogging skills and as well will make this blog more friendly and more easy to read.
    Contents from Blog Inc. :
        ✎ Introduction to Blogging
        ✎ Finding your voice and niche
        ✎ Powering your blog
        ✎ Blogging community etiquette
        ✎ Making your blog a business
        ✎ Monetizing your blog
        ✎ The next stage of blogging growth
    This book looks promising, but first I will let my wife to finish reading. Thank you for reading and see you guys tomorrow. :)

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