Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Windows 8

    Hi guys, in this post I will share my Windows 8 experience. I have been using Windows 8 for past few weeks, I updated my Windows 7. In beginning I were thinking that it gonna be bad idea to update, but at the end, it's best thing I have done. I'm really happy that booting time has sightly faster then before, actually is super quick! I press power button and my laptop is ready to use in 30 sec tops. Most noticeable feature of Windows 8 is start screen, basically it's start menu from Windows 7 but redesigned. It's big plus for Microsoft. I didn't use start menu, because that old start menu weren't appealing, but now it's changed.
    Usually I'm using Skype to call my brother and now I can enjoy benefits of specially designed Skype application for Windows 8. As well you can find other applications in Microsoft store. You can choose you favorite color and make start screen yours. I'm not using Messaging, Mail, People and some other Windows 8 applications, because I have linked all my emails on my tablet and I got all my contacts there.
    If you are worried about your Desktop and My Computer with folders, don't worry, it's all is only one click away from you. On start screen you will be able to find tab which says Desktop, click on it and you will be able use your Windows like before with refreshed design.
    If you have some more questions, feel free to leave comment. Thank you for reading and see you tomorrow. :)

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