Sunday, 17 February 2013

No more good comedies ?

    Lately all comedies seems like big fail. I can't laugh through all movie, because it isn't funny anymore. I even feel that I could throw up from first two minutes. I just wonder where are all those good ideas gone? Romantic comedies doesn't make you feel romantic at all, because it's more like some perverts dream journey around the world in one hour.
I'm so disappointed that I even promise myself that I wouldn't go to cinema to watch another new comedy in my life. I better watch some old school type comedy movies like: Meet the Parents; Dumb and Dumber; Happy Gilmore; Mr. Deeds; The Hangover; Superbad and other. And movies like This Is Forty should be rated 40+
   Probably I'm wrong, but if  you would try to watch This Is Forty following by Five Year Engagement and you are younger than 40, you would think the same, lol ! :D

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