Saturday, 16 February 2013

I been naughty today >:)

    Welllllllll......... I did something really naughty, I know that I should save some money for holiday, but I forgot about it... well srsly I didn't but anyway today I spent all my pocket money for quick shopping spree lol :D I bought new pair of Levi's manties and Airwalk Snoop skate shoes (I don't skate, but I luv how they look), so this is my outfit for spring,.. no ! As well I bought Diet Coke in aluminum bottle which has been designed by Jean Paul Gaultier (French haute couture fashion designer). On bottle it's says Sparkling low calorie soft drink with vegetable extracts with sweeteners. Honestly first time when I tried it, it tasted like sprite, confusing, I know, but it really didn't taste like Diet Coke but more like Sprite with olive oil

anyway I bought it because it was discounted, instead of 2 quid, I paid only 75 p. yeey what a bargain!!! As well I wanted to make new hairstyle today. It took me time to grow my hair back, because I used to shave my head, and I were bald guy for past few years. I wish to change that, and my grandmother all the time complains that I will freeze my brains and I will become stupid, I'm tired of that! Right now I feel like Chewbacca from Star Wars, I think you know that hairy monster which makes those weird noises (aaaaarghhhhhhh) and it's so annoying, I miss those times when I were bald. Now I'm thinking about new hairstyle which could suit me best. Anyway it was fun day out, and I don't regret that I didn't save no money this week, hopefully next week, but you never know what's gonna happen next week.

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