Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Tomorrow is BIG day !

    Tomorrow happens PlayStation Meeting 2013. I hope they will announce PS4 and then GTA V could come out on PS4. This meeting starts at 6 pm EST in New York City (it would be my dream come true if I would be there).

    Some people are spreading rumors about new controller which will be with built in speaker and touch screen instead of select, start and PlayStation buttons, as well looks like they have built in motion sensor on top of controller, similar to Move.

    There is discussion about new PlayStation logo. Australian company 99 Designs even held a competition for users to make next PlayStation logo, but only one or two of them looks good, rest of them are deformed old PS logos, which makes me lol :D
    Well officially Sony isn't saying nothing much about what they going to reveal at PlayStation Meeting 2013, so I can only ques. I just can't wait for news !!!! :)

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