Wednesday, 20 February 2013


    Zakynthos is one of few Greek islands and currently one of the most popular tourist destinations in Greece. We have been there on holiday last year at May, temperature were between 25 °C to 
35 °C in midday, it's awesome place and we had a marvelous time!
     Must see places if you consider to go there are Shipwreck (Navagio), Blue Caves, Zakynthos town it's even not possible to call all those places which you could visit. We rent quad for 25 €, to fill up a gas tank we paid 10 €, it's enough to go around the island. You can buy cheap map, if you plan to go around with quad better buy more detailed map, we bought ours for 1 € and it wasn't good, because some roads were missing from the map, wohooo. We got lost only once, it happened when we were going back from Shipwreck, it was great experience and in the same time breathtaking journey, this adventure was amazing!
    Usually travel agencies offers expensive attractions, for example tour around island with bus (worst nightmare, and waste of day and too expensive), turtle seeing and other ones. Well it's much more cheaper and much more fun if you attend those attractions from other local companies, you can find those companies at Laganas, and in the same time there are many places at Laganas beach where you can rent catamaran for 10 €, as well they offers you a turtles seeing for only 10 € (Travel agency wanted to charge us 27 €), cruise for 25 € (Agency offered same cruise for 47 ). So you can see that those agencies are big cash generators, trust me you can use saved money for buying souvenirs for all of your friends and your family. Sun creams are well overpriced, we bought small bottle for 17 €, in the same time if you would be in Athens, you could buy three sun cream bottles for this price. There wasn't big shopping centres, only Laganas main street with lot of shops, where you can buy all kind of stuff.
     Down here you can find video review about our last years holiday in Zakynthos:

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