Monday, 25 February 2013

Far Cry 3 quick review

    I'm making my quick Far Cry 3 review, so it means I got platinum trophy! Yey! First of all, it took me 25+ hours to finish this game and it wasn't so hard as I were expecting. I enjoyed game quality, and open world was amazing experience. Animals were realistic and you should see my face when crocodile attacked me, I almost got heart attack! Seriously! This game is from top notch if you are looking for amazing visual effects.
    There are two islands, close each other. Well you will not be able to go to second island from beginning, but later when you finish specific mission.

    It was fun to make all kind syringes by collecting plant leafs. To expend loot bag capacity you will need to skin specific animals and collect their skin. With time when you collect enough skill points, you will learn different takedowns. Each skill point makes tattoo on your hand, so more skills you learn, more tattoos you get. This is one of greatest games I have played lately, and i would recommend this game if you like FPS type games.
    Thanks for reading this quick review. I hope you enjoyed it.

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