Tuesday, 26 February 2013

War Movies and reality

    Recently I watched anti war movie with title Hearts and Minds. It's sad truth about Vietnam war. Well I'm not an american, but sometimes I don't get it, how people can be so blind. Well joining army isn't hard, but it's more harder to kill someone, and that's what they been teaching americans, to kill and not to think. I'm not saying that I'm against americans or America, I know some nice people from states, but in same time, America is non stop war machine. Well, my wife usually asks me, why I'm watching those kind documentaries about war, about Hitler and about all other things what has been going on since World War II. For some time I couldn't explain, why I'm watching these documentaries, but now I know. It's because they are real, well some aren't, but truth is in those videos, which has been taken in that time period. It's horrifying, I can't imagine something like that happening with me or with my family, I would be devastated. There is no justice, and there will never be one. I'm just sad for those soldiers, who doesn't appreciate human life, and there aren't excuses for what they have done.
    It's sad to see, that we live in 21st century and there are so many other wars going on right now, and no many people try to not think about it. Honestly, we can't do nothing about it, this system has been wrong since beginning and system will fail one day, no doubt about it! I just hope I our my family won't be around that time when it will happen.

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