Sunday, 24 February 2013

Netflix Vs. Love Film

    We have been using Love Film for past few months and before that we used Netflix. Now we can compare both services. I will start with Love Film.
    They offers lot of movies, but lots of them has bad ratings. It would cost you £4.99 if you wish to watch movies online, but if you wish rent DVD, Blu-Ray or Games would cost depending of package. I weren't happy about quality, because only few videos are in HD, on Hi resolution display watching Standard quality movies were painful. Some content contained nudity, so if you have children at home, you would like to change adult content settings, because you will be able to find some weird titles which I think even shouldn't be there. What so ever, I'm not happy with this service.
    Netflix offers some old good titles, and it would cost you £5.99. I remember that I watched couple good documentaries on Netflix, and design for PS3 were way better than Love Film, more user friendly I would say. Quality, while watching movies on PS3 were HD, and much more better than Love Film. Netflix offer variety TV Series, such as Prison Break, Dexter, Heroes, Lost. So we are picking Netfilx as our online movie service provider.
    Let me know if this review were helpful to you, thank you for reading and see you tomorrow.

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