Friday, 22 February 2013

Greetings from Folkestone

    I mentioned earlier that I miss photography, so last weekend, we went to Folkestone to make some photos. It was sunny day, but a bit chilly though. We have been in Folkestone before, and we always enjoy our time over there. It's nice sea side town with great architecture and with many awesome places to visit. In good weather conditions you can see France and as well white cliffs can be seen from Folkestone. That day seabirds were all over the place, so I made couple photos, and I chose best one.
I found alley where I saw white doors with many pipes above, I were thinking that this would be perfect place to make photo, and now this photo with doors and pipes is one of my favorite photos right now. Soon we will visit Canterbury, and I will use this opportunity to make more new photos.
    My wife were eating apple, and yes, I made photo of her as well ! :) She sometimes gives me those looks, like she could kick my ass if I wouldn't stop making photos of her! I were so scared!!! :D
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