Saturday, 23 February 2013

What helped me to make beats!

    Now days you can find lot of useful information on internet which could help you to learn anything. Today I will write about beat making. Recently I came across this website, which offered video tutorials about how to make beats (Beat Generals). They offered free demo, and I started to like this website. Those tutorials are amazing and that guy who made them shares his knowledge about everything to become professional beat maker. Just one small problem, VST's aren't included, so if you wish to achieve same results as in tutorials, you will need to get those VST's. In tutorials you will find information about melody making, how to master your beats and many other detailed information about beat creation.
As well he provides subscribers with free tutorial drum kits, with kicks, snares, hi hats, snares and 808 sound files, and if you are interested into hi quality kits, you can buy T-Minus kit for 29,99 $.
    Once a month Beat Generals are making beat reviews, you can send your beats to Beat Generals and they will reply and say whats wrong with your beat or how you could improve your beat.
    I hope this post helped you, thank you for reading!

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